Our Research is based on collaborative work of scientists with diverse backgrounds. WE are looking for inquisitive students and scientists in all career stages with background in either Biology, Physics, or Computer Science to join our team.


We are currently looking for a postdoc fellow interested in developing as a researcher in Systems Biology. Applicants with background in any of the following fields are invited to apply - molecular and cell biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, physics and computer sciences. Interested applicants should email Amir and CC Kristen with an updated CV and a cover letter describing their experience, research interests and achievements. 


We are looking for rotation students to visit our lab and participate in one of our ongoing research projects. Different aspects of the projects require different toolsets ranging from experimental biology to quantitative biology and mathematical modeling. Rotation students will have a chance to acquire new skill-sets and develop expertise required for implementing a quantitative approach for understanding cell regulation, signaling and evolution. Interested students can email Amir and CC Kristen with a brief description of their academic background, future plans and interest in the lab.

Interns and visiting UNDERGRADS

Undergraduate students from colleges and universities in Mass. interested in participating in our research are welcome to join our team. We welcome highly motivated students from diverse backgrounds as biology, engineering, computer sciences or physics. Please contact Amir directly to explore the current research opportunities we can offer and briefly describe your background and future plans.