We believe that addressing fundamental questions in Biology requires the collaborative work of scientists from diverse backgrounds. As a Systems Biology lab we combine experimental and theoretical approaches to tackle open questions in evolution, cell regulation and network structure. We emphasize creativity and original thinking in our research and strive to establish an open and supportive work environment. We welcome collaboration with other groups and are establishing a open access maker-space to help other labs with a “hacker” mentality interested in engineer their own experimental platforms. 

Amir Mitchell. PI

LAb head - Amir Mitchell, PhD.  (CV)

I'm an assistant professor in the Program of Systems Biology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. I started my career in the interdisciplinary program at Tel-Aviv university majoring in Biology and Computer Science. Moving to the Weizmann Institute of Science I did my PhD at Yitzhak Pilpel's lab exploring how microorganisms can evolve to anticipate sequential changes in their environment analogous to classical Pavlovian Conditioning. Fascinated with the synergistic potential of combining experimental and theoretical approaches I moved to Wendell Lim's lab at UCSF for my postdoctoral studies. My research there focused on identifying failure points in regulatory networks and uncovered resonance-like phenomenon in cell response. Currently I am studying how diverse cell types respond and adapt to dynamic temporal inputs in an attempt to uncover novel Achilles' heels in cell behavior.